Building Performance Evaluation

There is much hype about the “performance gap” as a result of new buildings not performing as predicted by compliance modelling undertaken at the design stage. This perceived gap should be no surprise since compliance models assume a typical occupier and we all know how unique occupants are in how they use, operate and maintain buildings!

Building performance evaluation from Building Simulation is a pragmatic approach which ensures that a building (new or existing) provides a comfortable and efficient environment for its current occupant.

Our practical approach is based on over twenty five years’ experience and identifies the causes of poor building performance using a range of physical and analysis techniques such as on-site monitoring and thermography.

Typical projects:

Grand Arcade, Cambridge Winter draughts were problematic for tenants and shoppers but a no-door policy was required at the entrances. Building Simulation undertook onsite tests which enabled a workable solution to be found.

Westfield, Derby Severe draughts and cold temperatures , even with the heating on, were causing problems for retail tenants and shoppers. On-site testing and analysis identified the source of the problem and costly, ineffective alterations were avoided.

Prudential, Central London Roof top chillers were not performing as intended and were causing cooling issues for tenants. On-site testing and analysis identified the key cause and a successful remedy was developed.

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