Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

ESOS: it’s Win-Win-Win

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a win-win-win opportunity for organisations. Although this is a mandatory scheme for qualifying organisations, compliance is achieved simply by extending your financial housekeeping to your energy costs.

How many organisations would pay a regular salary without supporting evidence as to what the employee had been doing?  Yet that is exactly what many organisations do year after year with their energy bills.

Few organisations question their energy costs by asking:

  • “Where has the energy gone?’
  • “How much was wasted?”
  • “How efficiently are we using it?”
  • “Could we achieve more and pay less?”

ESOS provides a framework to ask these questions and identify opportunities for organisations to reduce energy costs.  The process of an energy audit and the financial appraisal of energy saving opportunities can be as simple or as detailed as you organisation requires.  To help the audit process there is a wide range of analysis tools and techniques available.

So Win-Win-Win it is: your organisation complies with the ESOS regulation by 5th December 2015 and avoids costly fines, your organisation identifies opportunities to save money and the environment benefits from lower carbon emissions; win-win-win!

But be warned, saving energy and money can be addictive!


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