building thermography

Building thermography

Building thermography is based on the fact that all materials radiate infrared energy which is not visible to the human eye. A thermographic camera detects the infra-red energy and “translates” it into a visual image of surface temperature.

The image can then be interpreted by the thermographer taking account the properties of the building material and factors prevailing at the time of survey.

Thermographic survey

A thermographic survey is a non-destructive way to visually check for thermal defects in a building envelope. A thermographic survey can illustrate unexpected problems many of which have a significant impact on energy consumption and yet are easy to remedy … once identified.

Heritage buildings can particularly benefit from a thermographic survey because as well as highlighting heat loss, thermal imaging can identify increased moisture and delamination without any disturbance or damage to the building.

All surveys are undertaken by an ITC Level II qualified thermographer using a FLIR T360 camera with an IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels.

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